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Thursday, February 13, 2003

Blow Jobs for Peace

I was wondering if I could mobilize the women of the world behind this cause. Women all over the world are getting naked for peace. Now I'm a well-liberated woman who believes in the beauty of the female body in any form. The truth of the matter is, men are not quite as appreciative of the nude middle-aged female body 'en masse'. So I was thinking, what if we offered them blow jobs instead? I mean, I've never met a man who would turn one down. They are just lying there with their eyes closed anyhow, you know?

I mentioned this idea to a male correspondent who replied,

"Interesting idea. It certainly seems to explain Clinton's "wuss factor", although we should determine the time span between his taking out the aspirin Factory and Monica's most recent visit. Actually, I see only the problem that it simply can't go on all day, as in the General's response to "Make Love, not War", that he saw no reason why one could not be done in the daytime, the other in the evening. Plenty of time for both. That being said, I am sure there would be no shortage of takers.

While I got a chuckle out of this, it responds to the idea that war is simply a result of male "Macho" agression. Several anthropologists have tried and failed to make this case. History simply doesn't support it, as obvious as it seems to some."

It's easy for me to agree with the anthropological assessment, but I still wonder, if armies all over the world were busy being blown, wouldn't it disrupt the war just a teeny little bit?

Can't you just see the poster now, Uncle Sam pointing his finger, the caption reading, "Would you rather blow a man for peace, or blow the world to pieces?" or,

"A blow job a day keeps the missiles away", or...

"My country 'tis of thee, blow jobs for liberty."

The downside to all this is somebody would have to volunteer to blow George Bush and Saddam Hussein. Any really patriotic ladies out there?

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